Eminem AKA Marshall Bruce Mathers

By Cordell Henry-Yonkie


Marshall Mathers III was born in october 17,1972. Got the best cereer in america. Lived with it and got shot and died.

Credit: Marshall Bruce Mathers III

His name Is Marshall Bruce Mathers III He does a rap career called Eminem

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III Was Born in October 17, 1972 He was born at st.Joseph missouri. He is the only child has no bruthers and sisters.Eminem spent much of his youth in a lower-middle-class primarly african-american Detroit naborhood

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III is at one of his concerts singing one of his songs with the rest of the band.


Eminem is the most best selling artists in america in the 2000's

Pull Quote: By Eminem

I can see you when your sad

even when you smile

Even when you laugh

I can see it in your eyes

Deep inside you wanna cry.

Text: Eminem AKA Marshall Bruce Mather III

Eminem AKA Marshall Bruce Mather III Is the best selling artists in america.

He is ranked 83rd artist in all times.

Marshall Bruce Mather II.I He is an actor from Detroit, Michigan. He is in an addition to his solo career, He is also a D12 Member and also a Half of Hip-hop due Bad Meats Evil.

He is called King of hip-hop. He died in April 11th, 2006 at the club house one gun shot in the chest and one gun shot in the forehead.

He lived from October 17, 1972 to April 11th, 2006. He Did drugs and all that stuff.

He also has Legal problems.