Avonworth Career Academy Program

Empowering students to become creative, innovative thinkers.

A Brief Introduction to the AHS Career Academy Program...

At the end of their ninth grade year, Avonworth students have the option of selecting one of five career academies to focus their elective choices and out-of-school experiences such as job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, and their graduation project. The Career Academies include:

Career Academy for Arts, Innovation & Communications

Career Academy for Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship

Career Academy for Health & Medicine

Career Academy for Public and International Relations

Career Academy for Science, Engineering & Technology

Arts, Innovation & Communications

2015-16 Activities

Monthly Student Meetings

Presentations of The Crucible and Diary of Anne Frank

Job shadows... for instance, working with make up artist and wedding planner

Meeting with local screen printing artist

Pittsburgh Galleries Project

Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship

2015-16 Activities

Monthly Student Meetings

Visit from Mr. Ty Ballou of PLB Sports about what it's like to be an entrepreneur

Calgon Carbon design challenge to determine marketing strategies for commercial products

AIU apprenticeships and internships at Dollar Bank

Pittsburgh Data Jam

Health & Medicine

2015-16 Activities

Monthly Student Meetings

Field trip to Creehan & Company

Reception & Presentation on 3D Bioprinting at CMU

Genetics Update Conference at Upper St. Clair High School

UPCI Academy presentation by Pitt professor

Sci-Tech Days at the Carnegie Science Center

Open Heart Surgery Observation at AGH

Human Anatomy Lab at Carlow University

Biomedical Research Essay & Poster Contest

Various AIU Apprenticeships

Physical Therapist speaker

Public & International Relations

2015-16 Activities

Monthly Student Meetings

Visit from World Affairs Council to discuss the Global Certificate Program

Field Trip to Creehan & Company

International Video Conference in November with Jessica Posner and Kennedy Odede.

Field Trip to BYN Mellon

Science, Engineering & Technology

2015-16 Activities

Monthly Student Meetings

Visit to Creehan & Company

Bots IQ Experience - a 'Battle Bots' style competition involving the design and construction of a remote controlled robot; Competition

Visit from the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics

Pennsylvania's Governor's School for the Sciences

Westinghouse Science Honors Institute

Visit from community member from Covestro to discuss STEM career options

Attendance at SciTech Festival