What is A Jew?

Diego Sierra - 2nd Period

Not an Intro... JK it is

Hey, Welcome to my Smore. For my project, I choose the topic of "What is a Jew?". It is important to the Holocaust because Jews were the primary victims of the Holocaust.

Judaism Explained

Judaism is one of the biggest religions in the world. It is one of the Abrahamic religions, along with Christianity and Islam. Jews believe that God came down to a man named Abraham and told him that him and his decedents are the chosen people. A person is considered a Jew if their mother is of Jewish descent or if they have converted to the religion. Jews and Christians believe in the same God, however Jews do not believe in Jesus and don't celebrate the same holidays as Christians.

Interesting Stuff I Found Online

  • Jews are all over the world
  • They are considered a race by the US Supreme Court
  • Their Equivalent of the Bible is the Torah
  • Boys have Bar Mitzvahs and Girls have Bat Mitzvahs
  • Some Notable Famous Jews include: Drake, Adam Sandler, and The Fine Bros

In Conclusion

Judaism isn't very different from Christianity but it still has it's own unique things. There are many Jews in the world and many people you know may be Jews. So basically Judaism is unique but at the same time it is not very different to things you may personally believe in.


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