Aphrodite News Letter

By: Erin M And Meghan G

Aphrodite's Life; Beauty and Jewels

Aphrodite rose from the sea in a clam shell... Well, a giant clam shell. She was BEAUTIFUL and flowers sprung up wherever she stepped. Zeus thought that she is worthy to be a god and brought her up to olympus. All the gods wanted to be her husband, and tried to bribe her to be with them. For example, Poseidon offered her to be queen of the ocean with him. He also tried to give her the authority of the sailors on the ocean. Aphrodite didn't take the offer. So, to not start an all out war, Zeus married Aphrodite to his son Hephaestus, who made all the jewelry and was quite ugly. When he was working, she went off to other gods, cheating on her deformed husband. She had multiple children with these other gods some of which were with her husbands brother Ares the god of war. Ares was who Aphrodite wanted to be with but she was already married.

Aphrodite's family tree

Interview goes here

Erin M: Hi Aphrodite.

Aphrodite: Hey.

Erin M: You look pretty today.

Aphrodite: Don’t I always?!

Erin M: Well.. Yeah.. You're the goddess beauty

Aphrodite: We all know that but Thank You.

Erin M: So I heard that you're not very happy with your marriage with Hephaestus huh?

Aphrodite: Yeah, he’s ugly, deformed and no time for me. The only good thing about him is all the jewelry i get from him.

Erin M: Hmm... I probably wouldn’t like that either.

Aphrodite: Yeah so when he’s gone I go over to another gods house like Poseidon, Ares or Hermes.

Erin M: Is that why he calls you an ‘unfaithful’ wife?

Aphrodite: Yup. But its not my fault that he’s boring and bland.

Erin M: I agree. So, how’s Ares?

Aphrodite: AMAZING! He’s so nice and amazing. And he’s done nothing but good. And He’s just so dreamy!

Erin M: I heard you're having another child. Is this true?

Aphrodite: Yes! this one is with Ares. I think its a boy.

Erin M: Congrats; what does your husband think of this?

Aphrodite: Oh, *blushes* He doesn’t know... But he will soon enough.

Erin M: Well, that will be interesting. :) Tell Me, what do the other goddesses think of you?

Aphrodite: Oh, I think they hate me. But I can understand why, I am beautiful.

Erin M: Yeah... Who are your parents?

Aphrodite: Hera is my mother and Zeus is my father.

Erin M: Well... I think i’m out of questions... so you can go and i’ll just go take a nap.

Aphrodite: Ok then. Keep in touch. Bye!

McKayla Marone (Olympic gymnast) vs. Aphrodite (goddess of beauty)

McKayla Marone: She is very sporty but girly at the same time.She is very hard working and cares about others.She is very opinionated and wants every thing her way.

Aphrodite:She is very laid back and exspects a lot of attention.She is always focusing on herself and rarely on others.She is also very rich.

Both:They are both very pretty .They also are indifferent and know a lot about beauty.