By: Gaines, Mycah, Dontasia, and Leah

Marx and Engels

Karl Marx was a german philosopher and Friedrich Engels was a social scientist. Both of these men worked together in well known pieces of writings. Marx and Engels were also highly influenced by a great german philosopher named Hegel. They dedicated their lives writing about their beliefs.

Karl Marx was born in Prussia, 1818 and died in London, 1883. He spent his life trying to support his growing family and writing many books like Manifest der kommunistischen Partei and one volume of Das Kapital. His books are based about trying to trigger social revolution and unite in revolution in exisiting authority. Engels was his helping hand and when Marx died, Engels finished the last volumes of Das Kapital then soon died of cancer.


Communism is the political system where the major resources in the society are owned by the government or public ,and wealth is divided among the society equally. This system was used during the rule of Vladimir Lenin, Joesph Stalin, and Mikhail Gorbachev. Stalin tried to spread communism to other countries during WWII, but failed. During the Cold War, the Berlin Wall became a symbol for communism and the society's lack of freedom. After the war, Gorbachev stepped down. When he lost power, Russia turned into a democracy.


Socialism is a political theory in which resources or property are controlled by the public instead of privately owned . The Socialist speculation was inspired by the social consequences of the industrial revolution in Europe. Marx and Engels referred to socialism as ideas, and goals for society as Utopian. Socialist objected capitalism because it produces an unfair distribution of wealth.


Capitalism is a type of government that gives rights to the people. It is often referred to as a democratic government. They have been making the transformation to capitalism ever since Vladimir Lennin took over. There was a slight slip up, when Joesf Stalin made it a dictatorship during WWII. Some of the rights given to the people may include: the right to vote, being able to own private property, etc. Russia has been trying to perfect this type of government for a while now. There is just a few problems they have been coming across, and once they get over those they will have a very well developed government.