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Teacher's Appreciation Sabbath

What a blessing this past Sabbath was, to be able to recognize our AMAZING teachers at BCCA! They were each given gifts from BCCA students and words of appreciation from the School Board Chairman Morris Olmsted, and Home & School Leader Dahlia Swatzell. Thank you for demonstrating Christ's love and service each and every day at BCCA. You are AWESOME!
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Hello BCCA Families,

This is the last newsletter note I will write this year. It’s the last month that Dana, Nyah, and Devin will be my students. My first year at BCCA is coming to a close.

Endings can be hard. I hate watching a good story, because I hate that the story ends. I want to know what happened next. Especially true stories. This year we listened to the book “Hiding in the Light” and the kids just had to know what happened next? Where is Rifka Bary today? After a quick Google search, I was able to update the kids and they were excited to hear what happened after the book ended.

Some endings are delightful. Like ending work on Friday and having a long weekend. Like sending in that last payment on that new car. Like ending an unhealthy cycle that has gone on for generations.

As humans, however, we struggle with a lot of endings. The end of a life. The end of a marriage. The end of a season of life that we thrived in. You might not know, but I was widowed 6 years ago. I struggled heavily with that ending.

I’m happy to tell you that our endings are not the end. Because of the blessed sacrifice of Jesus, our “goodbyes” on earth turn into, “see you later.” Our endings are only the beginning of an eternity that we can’t even fathom right now. But I want to encourage you to take your struggles to Jesus. He isn’t going to bring my first husband, Todd, back, but he is going to wake him up at just the right time and take him to Heaven.

Praise the Lord that as this school year ends, I am reminded that something else is beginning. I look forward to what is to come, and can’t wait for that day I will see Jesus and Todd again.

In the same way that God used Joshua to keep leading Israel, I believe God will use Gabriel to continue leading BCCA. Of course, God is our true leader and we put our trust in Him to continue blessing BCCA. If we keep our sights on God and follow His leadership, then we will be ready for any challenges that might face us.

He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;

Daniel 2:21


Cas Fristoe

BCCA Principal


Congratulations 8th Grade Graduates!

Congratulations to the following 8th Grade graduates: Nyah McKenzie, Dana Mejia, and Devin Chaney. Your hard work has paid off. Your future is bright! May God continue to bless you in the next phase of your life.
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Way to go Kindergarten Graduates!

Congratulations to the following Kindergarten Graduates: Gaines Dozier, Milton Ikungo, and Solomon Perkins. It's just the beginning!
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Teachers Appreciation Week (May 2 - 6)

It’s that time to appreciate your child’s Teacher! You should have received your fun heart-felt activity packet. Please remind your children to put their daily notes in the boxes each day this week.(May 2nd- 6th) Thank you Mrs. Fristoe, Mrs. Boyd, and Ms. B for another successful year, and for all the hard work you put into your students. We appreciate you!


Spring Manners Banquet, May 15 (Sunday), 5-7:30pm

Super excited about the upcoming Spring Manners Banquet honoring BCCA grades 5 -12. Grades 8-12 may bring a guest. There will be tons of fun, food, and games!
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Having a blast at outdoor school

As you can see from the pictures below the kids had a blast at outdoor school located at the beautiful Camp Alamisco. There were opportunities to learn about orienteering, first aid, and bush master skills. They also had a great time participating in canoeing, swimming, night hikes, bible trivia, and pontoon boat rides. The evenings ended with a song service and a devotion in front of calm cool waters of the lake. Awesome experience!

Earth Day Invention Projects

The students in the upper grade class enjoyed coming up with creative, imaginative inventions to make our world a better place. Some of the projects included the Water Nator 2,000, Rare Air, Feral Garbage, and Air Roomba. Way to go future inventors!

Fun in the Lab learning about density!


Thank you! Yearbook

Thank you families for being supportive throughout the year. I hope you enjoyed all of the wonderful memories your children participated in at BCCA. We have a few extra if you're interested in purchasing an additional copy. Please let your teacher know.

Final Garden Club Day!

This month in garden class we weeded the garden which was easy because we mulch with hay. Over the last couple months we have experienced frost off and on in the garden. The students were able to see how the onions, garlic and potatoes are able to take a frost and bounce back. You can ask them why those types of plants can bounce back! We then planted tomato

Tearl King

Garden Coordinator


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Distance Learning Graduate, Joseph Schmitt (Class of 2022)

Congratulations to BCCA's first distance learning graduate from Atlanta Adventist Academy. We are so proud of your accomplishments, and how you've become such an amazing young man. Thank you BCCA for playing a part in his achievements academically and spiritually.
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Believe God can change things!

Just recently I shared with the Huntsville Central SDA Church family some encouraging words for anyone facing impossible problems.

“Believe God can change things!”

You may be feeling a deep hurt, wounded by someone whom you love the most. You may have even started down “apathy” lane, saying to yourself: “I don’t even care anymore. I give up.” Let me tell you one truth: God has not given up on you or your family or you problems. Why? Because God can do what you cannot do.

Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible. Matthew 19:26 NLT

God invites you to trust Him. Why? Because He can do what you cannot do. Tell God what you need. Thank Him for what He has already done. Believe that He will see you through. Why? Because with God nothing is impossible.

Love Always,

Pastor Randy Mills

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