By Adrian Avalos

His information

His Roman name was Jupiter

His parents were rhea,Perseus

His brothers were persides and hades

And his sons we're Hercules,Perseus,opollo,Hermes and more

10 facts about zeus

1.he was the God of the gods

2.he ruled with his wife Hera

3.zues vanished his father and his siblings because he ate them

4.he is believed to be born inside mount Ida

5.his older brothers were Hades and posides

6.he had the power to change shape

7.he was also famous for the lightening bolt that could shatter mountains

8.zeus and his brothers rolled for a chance for who ruled what

9.cronus ate some of his children and Zeus saved him

10.his name meaned also bright or sky

The reason why I picked Zeus

I picked Zeus because we are both cool amazing and we are also rule something
The Greek Gods