World Geo final exam review

By: Maddie hett

Basic political principles

• theocratic government - God or other religious idols are recognized as the ruler

• democratic government - Power is vested in the people

• totalitarian government - Usually ruled by a dictator. Gives little to no freedom

The EU

The EU or the United Nations was created to promote international cooperation. It was founded on November 1, 1993. There are currently 28 members of the EU. But when joining the EU countries are forced to give up some power; some countries are not willing to do so causing them to not participate.



NAFTA is a trade agreement between Mexico, Canada, and United States. It created a huge zone of cooperation on trade & economic issues. It has helped reduce trade cost, increases business's vestments, & to make North America more competitive In the global market.

World Geo final exam

Levels of Economic activities

• primary - raw materials ( mining , fishing , and farming )

• secondary - transformative activity ( manufacturing and processing )

• tertiary - service ( transportation and retailing )

• quaternary - service involving complex processing &/or handling information ( education & research )