If I Stay

by: Gayle Foreman


This is a realistic young adult fiction novel.


This novel talks about making important decisions. In the main characters case it is between whether to go on or to give up on her future.


There are a few important characters in this particular story. The first is Mia Hall. She is a talented classical musician with her instrument of choice being the cello. Her boyfriend Adam Wilde is the guitar player and lead singer of a punk band called Shooting Star. They come from opposite ends of the music world yet find the connection they share is compelling. The third is Mia's best friend Kim Schein. She is mentioned often and plays a key role in the development of the plot.


Mia is faced with a very difficult task. she has to decide whether to leave her friends and family behind or stay with them. this is in a completely literal sense. she must decide whether to live or die. no one can influence her decision. her family and friends must also decide what they will do to help or to deal with whatever she decides to do.

Target audience

This novel is more for young adults but could be read by more mature minded middle school children. There are some upsetting topics that are discussed which is what makes the rating for young adults. Some children in even middle school may not understand some of what is going on or may fear the events in this book.

Other info to know about "If I Stay"

It was published in 2010 by the Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated. I definitely recommend this book to anyone around 14-19 that can handle a tragedy with a happy ending.