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Please use this resource for information for HHS Dual Enrollment and Concurrent Enrollment. This document is updated on a regular basis so please check back!!
MSJC Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Smore Newsletters for Education

What is the difference between Dual, ANNEX/Articulation and Concurrent Enrollment courses

We have 3 different types of MSJC Programs at HHS. Here is the description

Dual Enrollment Courses:

  • Taught at HHS
  • HHS Faculty that are also MSJC Professors
  • Available during the traditional school day
ANNEX Courses:
    • Taught at HHS by MSJC Professors
    • Offered during the block (1st/2nd period) on Monday/Wednesdays or Tuesday/Thursdays
Concurrent Enrollment:
  • Taught at MSJC or online


  • Traditional Heritage High School Courses - must pass the MSJC Exams for credit. In order to be eligible to take the exam, you must have a grade of A or B when the exam is offered.

How does Advanced Placement Courses work with MSJC Courses and how does it benefit students? Heritage High School AP Smore Page

MSJC - UC/CSU General Education Transfer Pattern

Click on this button to see the general education requirements for UC and CSU. You can use this document to plan which college classes you would like to take and that will transfer to the California public universities.

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Earn College Credit During The School Day at Heritage

Heritage High School offers many options to take MSJC Community College courses while you are enrolled at Heritage High School. These courses are during the traditional school day and Heritage High School provides the books. You will be meeting the PUHSD Graduate requirements while, at the same time, earning college credits. All of these courses are transferable to the University of California and the California State University systems. Here is a list of the courses offered at HHS:

HIST 111 US History to 1877 - Fall

HIST 112 US History since 1865 - Spring

BIO 134 Human Heredity and Evolution - Fall and Spring

PS 101 - Intro. to American Gov. and Politics - Fall and Spring

ECON 201 - Macroeconomics (Annex - MSJC Professor) - Spring

MTH 105 - College Algebra - Fall (3.4 GPA requirement)

MTH 110 - College Pre-Calculus - Spring

ENG 101 - College Composition (Annex - MSJC Professor) - Fall (If you passed the AP Lang test with a 4 or higher, you will have met this requirement and will take ENG 103 in the Spring)

ENG 103 - Critical Thinking and Writing (Annex - MSJC Professor) - Spring

ART 100 - Art Appreciation (Annex - MSJC Professor) - Fall

CSCR 100 - College Success and College Readiness (Annex - MSJC Professor) Fall and Spring

For more information about the program and course descriptions, please click on this link:

If you are planning on taking MSJC courses, please follow the 3 step application and pre-registration process below.

Dual Enrollment Time Line for Fall 2022

  • 4/30 - All students must be matriculated (application, account activation, and orientation, no fees) You must submit proof by April 30th.
  • 5/1 - HHS MSJC Canvas Page Opens and you will have access to the School Parent Agreement Forms. You can complete them electronically. Just note, they must be submitted through the HHS Dual Enrollment Canvas Page.
  • 5/31 - All School Parent Agreement Forms must be signed and submitted through the HHS MSJC Canvas Page.

August 2022:

If you submitted your SPA for College Algebra, US History, Political Science, Human Heredity (BIO 134) or College Success/College Readiness, you will be registered into that class.

If you submitted your SPA for College Composition (Eng 10), Art 100, on the online CSCR course, you will need to complete the online registration through your MSJC Self Service Account.

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MSJC Dual Enrollment Application Process

In order to participate in any of our MSJC programs you must complete this three step pre-registration process

Submit Proof of Completion of the MSJC Pre-Registration

Once you have completed the 3 step pre-regsitration process. Use this button to submit the a screen shot that you do not owe any fees or "Completed Orientation" from your MSJC Self Service Account. DO NOT USE THIS LINK FOR CONCURRENT Courses

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Access your MSJC HHS CANVAS Page

After you follow the above steps, you will be an MSJC student! Congratulations! Once you have submitted your proof, Ms. Adame will send you a link to our HHS Canvas page to complete your HHS School Parent Agreement Form. Once you and your parent has signed and submitted the School Parent Agreement Form, you will wait until your registration is cleared. You must submit your form to the Canvas Page by May 27th. You will be ready to register for your Fall Class in August 2022. The registration dates will be posted on the Canvas Page
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You can take classes at MSJC during your 11th - 12th grade years!!

You also have the opportunity to take classes through MSJC after the Spring of your 10th grade year. We recommend that you take classes that are not offered at Heritage High School. Once you complete the 3 step application process (see the instructions above) you could be cleared to take classes through MSJC. Here is a link to the MSJC Fall 2022 Schedule:

Once you have completed the three step application pre-registration process, please fill out this Google Form, so we can start processing your paperwork:


Once you submit your information to the Google Form, HHS will process your MSJC School Parent Agreement form and get the Principal's signature. We will send it back to you so you can upload it to the MSJC Enrollment Services Hub. You must submit your form to MSJC by June 30th.

How do I upload my School Parent Agreement to MSJC???

Once you receive the School Parent Agreement from Heritage High School. You will need to fill it out, get your parent's signature, and then upload it to the MSJC Enrollment Services Hub. Here is a link with the step by step instructions to upload your documents:
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Heritage High School Articulated Classes

Some of Heritage High School's traditional classes are articulated with MSJC. You can earn MSJC college credits for completing the MSJC exams at the end of the school year. Here is a list of the courses:

Anatomy Physiology - MSJC Course Course Biology 100

PLTW - Bio Medical Program:

  • Medical Terminology - MSCJ Course Allied Health 105
  • Human Body Systems - MSJC Course Biology 100
  • Medical Interventions - MSJC Course Biology 131

Agriculture Program:

  • Horticulture Science - MSJC Course Horticulture 501

Law Enforcement:

  • RCOE Law Enforcement Principles and Practices - MSJC Course AJ 102
  • RCOE Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation - MSJC Course Admin. of Justice 108

In order to be eligible to take the exam, you must have a grade of A or B when the exam is offered.

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This is it!! Make sure to complete these last steps so you are not dropped from your MSJC courses

How do I waive some of the MSJC fees??

You can waive some of the student fees to save you some money!! However, YOU MUST DO IT BEFORE YOU REGISTER FOR CLASSES

Watch this instructional video on how to waive your fees:

VIDEO - How do I complete my online registration for the ANNEX and Concurrent Courses

Please watch this video to see how you will complete your MSJC online registration so you are officially enrolled in the ANNEX and Concurrent Courses:

  • ENG 101 Fall
  • ENG 103 Spring
  • ART 100 Fall
  • ECON 201 Spring
  • CSCR 100 Fall and Spring
  • Concurrent/Summer Courses at MSJC

Last Step!! Payment for Course

If your course requires a fee, you will need to pay for your MSJC Course.
Paying Fees
1) Log in to your Self Service Account

2) You will be routed to Self-Service Finance. Review your fee information and totals.
3) Select Payment Method (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) and click “Proceed to Payment”.
4) Complete the payment information and click the “Pay now” button to proceed.
5) Your confirmation page will appear. You can save for your records but can access a copy through the Account Activity page on Self-Service Finance.
6) Close the confirmation page when finished. Be sure to log off and close all internet browser users.


Help a Student Grant - $250 Scholarship

The Help a Student grant is an institutional program that will allow students who are not eligible for Financial Aid and/or EOPS to apply for funds to cover books, supplies, and institutional fees up to $250.00.

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How to I order my MSJC Official Transcript for HHS or my college/university

Seniors, if you have taken any MSJC Course, including HHS Dual Enrollment, you will need to order an "Official Transcript" to be sent to the college/university you have applied to. They usually ask for it in January. Here is the link to the instructions:

If you have taken an MSJC class that is not offered at HHS or you took a Concurrent course, you will need to order an "Official Transcript" in order to have it placed on your HHS transcript. When you are ordering it, the recipient will be and the department will be "Counseling-Registrar" Here is the link to the instructions:

Heritage High School Counseling

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Heritage High School Counseling Department

Heritage High School Counseling - 951-940-5447

Coral Prendergast

10th-12th Students with the last names A-E, x20116

To Schedule an appointment click the Link:

Cheri Adame

10th - 12th Students with last names F-L or x20112

To schedule an appointment click here:

Gilbert Velasquez

10th -12th Students last names M-Q/EL Status or x20125

To schedule an appointment click here:

Natalie Navarro

10th-12th Students with the last names R-Z x20118

To schedule an appointment click the Link:

Ben Washburn

9th Grade Students x20113

To Schedule an appointment click the Link:

Guadalupe Fierros

10th - 12th English Learner Students and RFEPS x20115

To schedule an appointment click the Link:

Melina Gonzalez

students in the AVID/estudiantes en AVID x20117

To schedule an appointment click the link:

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