Anabolic Steroids

By: Sam Ferrell


Steroids has tremendous side effects to them, Its probably the worst thing to do without it being prescribed. Kidney failure, aggression, cancer, AIDS, stunt growth, and extreme irritability are all the things you can get from taking steroids. If prescribed, it can be very helpful to many types of diseases or cancers.

My opinion

Steroids are terrible. I dont know why anyone would inject that poison in their body. Its only killing you. If someone wanted to die every slowly then yes, take this, but if not then this substance should not be taken.

3 Facts

1.) Boys and girls who abuse these drugs before reaching their full natural height may prematurely halt bone growth, resulting in prematurely shorter statue.2.) Steroids also may produce psychological effects, such as increased aggression, extreme irritability, and delusions of invincibility.3.)  A 2002 monitoring the Future Study performed in the United States showed that in 2001 about 2.5% of eight-grader students, 3.5% of tenth-graders and 4% of twelfth-graders have taken anabolic steroids at least once.

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