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By: Daniel Garrison

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Marco Polo's Backround

Marco Polo was born in 1254, in Venice, Italy and died in 1325. Marco Polo had a father named Niccolo Polo, an uncle named Maffeo Polo, and a Grandpa named Andrea Polo. His mother died when he was at a young age, and was mainly raised by extended family due to his father and uncle being merchants and traveling to Asia. In fact, his uncle and father were gone on a journey for all of Marco's childhood, but returned to Venice when Marco was about 17.

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Marco Polo's Achievements

Marco Polo had one major achievement in his lifetime, and that was his famous journey to East Asia. He left home at age 17, and went on a 24 year journey to Mongolia with Niccolo and Maffeo Polo to see Kublai Khan. He saw many historic sites like Jerusalem, and the Gobi Desert, and many strange things to Europeans like paper money, gold teeth, gunpowder and more. Throughout his whole journey he wrote a book called, Descriptio of the World, which tells adventures Marco Polo went on, and things he saw. Finally, when he returned to Venice, Marco Polo told people of his adventures, and sites, and although many still didn't believe his strange tales, he brought back things like jewels, and gold to prove what he saw.

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Marco Polo's Impact on the World Today

All because of Marco Polo, and his famous book, Descriptio of the World, we can now understand more about Europe, and Asia between the 1200s and 1300s. We also know through his book, that Asia was a crazy, and weird place to Europeans back then, and that European and Asian people were totally different, in lifestyle, clothing, food, and more.

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