High Schoolers Helping to Feed the Homeless

We Need Your Help

We are interested in giving back to the community and are seeking your help. We are trying to help those in need in our community by providing food for the homeless. On Friday afternoons we hand-cook egg and cheese burritos and hand them out to the hungry in the city of Richmond. This project succeeds in providing both a hot meal and a feeling of hope to those most in need. We are hoping to do this every Friday, but we have come to the realization that this endeavor is limited by the constraints of our resources. As just one family, it is difficult to provide all the materials required to meet the demands of the needy. We ask for your help in supplying us with the resources necessary to fulfill our goals of helping to feed some of the homeless. With each meal we hope to provide a burrito, a small snack, and a bottle of water. What we need most are eggs, bottles of water, tortillas, and cheese. If you could help donate any of these items, we would be greatly appreciative. We are strongly driven to give back to our community and your help would go a long way in making the lives of the less fortunate better, one meal at a time.

Thank you so very much for your help,

Alex, Ben, and Lauren Hart

Please donate to our cause to help feed the homeless


Thank you for considering donating to our cause. One day every weekend we work together as a family to create some warm egg and cheese burritos and deliver them along with some drinks and cookies to homeless people on the streets of Richmond. The more donations of food we receive the more homeless we can feed.