Should we get Vaccinated?

By Ethan Jagoda

Yes or No(I pick yes)

Although I understand that there may be some cons they are insignificant and miniscule, the man reason why people aren't getting vaccinated is because of a fake study done by a small company in Britain that says that people are 10% more likely o get autism if they get the Measles vaccine than people who don't. This however is completely wrong America did a study to confirm this and there was absolutely no relation to autism and the vaccine. however if you get the actual virus there is a chance of lasting brain effects that could be mistaken for autism.

Measles is Still Very Much Alive

Although measles was considered "eradicated in the year 2000 with only about a dozen cases a year, measles has made a comeback with over 700 cases just this year. The reason for this jump is because of the anti-vaccine movement that has been caused largely because of a fake study that linked Measles, mumps, and MMR vaccine to a high chance of autism.

Frequently asked questions, and debunking myths:

Does the measles vaccine cause autism?
First of all we would like to say that no vaccine causes a measurable amount of chance of getting autism, the study in Britain was completely faked

Most people around me are vaccinated, doesn't that mean I'm safe due to herd mentality?

Although it's true you are safer measles has a way of seeking out those not vaccinated, because of it's 90% contagion rate, 2 hour lifespan out of a body, and it being a airborne disease, makes it a very, very contagious disease. On top of that there are some infants that are too young to be vaccinated, or people who are allergic to the disease, we need to protect those who are not as fortunate to be able to take the measles vaccine.

Someone I know got the whooping cough vaccination, however he recently got sick with it even though he wasn't due for a booster, does this mean that the vaccine is ineffective?
No, even if you have the vaccine you can still get the whooping cough disease, however it is much less severe, more like a bad cold, than a deadly disease. It is important to remember that these people can still spread the full disease, so if your not vaccinated stay away from them.