Pont Du Gard

By Riley Stephens

What is it?

  • The Pont Du Gard is a historical French aqueduct that was constructed around 60 A.D.
  • It was an ancient Roman system that supplied water to a Roman colony called Nîmes.
  • They built it because their location was inconvenient because it was located far from freshwater so they built an Aqueduct which transports water from point A to point B.

Restaurants and shops

  • One restaurant at the Pont Du Gard is Les Terrasses. Come here and enjoy the natural scenery and good food that Les Terrasses has to offer.

  • And don't forget the gift shops for some souvenirs to bring home to remember the visit.
  • Also, there is a snack bar, restaurant, and bistro, perfect for your little cravings or big appetites.