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Soar to Success!!

A chance to do Soar to Success Incentive AGAIN!!!

Just in case you missed the announcement but starting TODAY, you as a designer, no matter when you started Origami Owl, but you can so the Soar to Success Incentive and earn all kinds of FREE goodies!!

The New Year brings another opportunity for many of you to start fresh! Origami Owl made a number of improvements to this incentive program including new rewards and more flexible qualification requirements. These changes are not just for new designers, these changes are for you to leverage as leaders and for all career titles designers to help jump start your business.

The 30/60/90 day requirement has been removed so you know have 90 days to achieve all 3 levels!! New designers can achieve all 3 level of the program in the first week or the last week or anytime at all. You have the opportunity to earn amazing rewards and more importantly you can make it all the way to Team Leader!

Jewelry Bar Host Rewards Change

Another change will be coming as well. The minimum requirement to qualify as a Jewelry Bar is being raised to $250 beginning March 16. The Hostess Rewards levels and new rewards will match these requirement. Keep a look out for those changes to be posted.

$199 - 6 month PV Requirement Change

Also be aware that the requirement to remain as an active designer has changed from $199 in a rolling 6 month period is now $250 in a rolling 6 month period. All that means is you can host 1 jewelry bar a month or collect a few orders.