The Beehive State

National Parks

Bryce Canyon National Park, is a sprawling day at reserve in southwest Utah. It's known for its crimson-colored hoodoos and spired-shaped rock forms, formations Bryce Canyon also has many hiking trails and many other things to explore.Zion National Park is in southwest Utah, and it's a nature preserve distinguished by Zion Canyon to Zion Canyon see go through the main section, leading to Forest Trails along the side of Nashville word the row of the Virgin River the Virgin River Flows too Emerald pools which have waterfalls in and also Hanging Gardens

Natural Resources

Some of the most important and common resources are coal,copper,oil,and gas. there are many open lines in Utah to be exact there are 15. mini of the coal mines are big and have many people working there. There are also many copper mines the highest producing copper mine(Utah Kennot copper mine)has produced 18.1 million tonnes of copper and its spread across 2.75 miles.Utah is ranked number 8 in the United States for producing gas and 13 for oil.According to Utah's companies of oil gas and Mining, 8600 oil and gas Wells are working in Utah's boundaries, and about 3,000 or oil and the rest are gas wells.

Statehood History

The Utah area became part of the United States in 1848, but it wasn't a state until 1896. People from Utah to try to make it a date for more than fifty years. from when the Pioneers first settled in Utah a vast majority of the citizens were overcoming inferior territorial date status, while voting it took 60,000 eligible voters for Utah to become a state and not just in area. The second attempt was statehood was in 1856 which they talked about the issues and didn't become a state. third attempt was not successful because many people weren't focused.

Physical Features

Some physical features are snowy and high mountains and also hot and dry desserts.Utah has a lot of different climates, Utah's highest temperature is 117 degrees Fahrenheit and the low is -69 degrees Fahrenheit.In Utah’s desserts there are rocky land forms formed by erosion which erosion is formed by rain hail and snow and maybe by landslides and avalanches.There are also snowy high peaks in the in the snowy mountains where it is very cold and a good place for winter activities such as skiing snowboarding and many other things.

Fast Facts

Utah's state flag was originally created in 1896 but then was revised in 1913. The beehive on the shield mean the hard work and Industry. the date 1844 is the year the Mormons came to Utah.Utah's state flower is the is the Calochortus Nutallii. It's common name is the Sego Lily and it's white, tall, and a skinny flower. Utah state bird is the California go, it's a medium-sized go, smaller on average than the Pringle, but it's bigger than a ring billed go, but it can overlap the size in both.Some famous people in Utah are Steve Young, Gary Herbert, and also many other people.

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