South Carolina

Got Slaves?

Indian Slaves? Huh?

Before Africans were the dominant slave race in South Carolina, Indians made the majority of the slave population. To gain trade control Indian tribes competed to become the chief slave supplier. Yes you read right, slave supplier. In addition to the many other goods Indians would trade their own as slaves. "Between 1670 and 1715, perhaps 25,000 Indians were enslaved..."

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If you love slaves like we do- Come Join the Fun!

We first arrived in a place now called Charleston where we delighted to find rich soils and tropical like weather. This meant that we were able to grow crops most of the year and didn’t have to worry about-facing those harsh winters like other colonies up north. Not five minutes after we arrived those Native Americans were fighting each other to gain the trade control between us. I know we have all the European goods but sheesh! Although killing their own kind for us didn’t seem right, I had no complaints when we met the Westos. They gave us something we could only get from them: themselves. Yes, themselves. Their logic was to trade themselves as slaves to interne receive our European goods. No complaints here. We actually at one point were known for slaves as our most valued trade. Eventually we ran the whole south east running over the Spanish, French and the Virginians! The Indians loved us so much they assisted in these even destroyed the mission towns of the Spanish for us. But when one transaction may or may not have been unevenly processed, the Yamasees avenged their losses killing 7% of our population in a war called the Yamasee War. We also had African slaves. We obtained most of them from the Caribbean’s and treated them a lot worse. They were just beast who cares. We just needed someone/something to help produce enough rice to meet its high demand. Slaves were everything to us!

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