CSAs: The future of all communities

What is CSAs?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. They are a community of individuals that support local farmers so that they may have fresh produce. These "share-holders" pay in advance to help the farmer with the cost of seed, fertilizer, equipment, and any other costs. These people are like investors. They are getting the fresh produce in return for their investment, though. The farmer grows the produce and drops it off to be sold at specific places in the community.
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Benefits of CSAs

CSAs help everyone involved. Farmers, for instance, get money in the beginning that can help them obtain the supplies needed for that growing season. By selling to community, they receive better payment, gain financial security, and do not have to go through the market. Consumers gain in this too. They gain the reassurance of their produce being fresh. Consumers know where their food is coming from. The produce is not grown in a greenhouse so there is no worry over harmful chemicals. The produce is fresh from the ground. All in all CSAs help the whole economy in general. It allows consumers to support their local community helping their economy to grow.
Community Supported Agriculture: What to expect when you join a farm