Bacteria: Food Poisoning Salmonella

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Reward: 1,000,000

This bacteria is bacilli shaped, and can most commonly be found in the digestive tract. Ways to know if you have this bacteria or if someone else has it can be very hard. A fews signs are if they start to have a fever, diarrhea or stomach pain. If you see this in yourself or someone else directly go to the because it can be fatal

The level of Danger : 7

The reason it's danger level is a 7 is because it can be fatal. Also there is 1.2 million infections, 23,000 hospitalizations , and 450 deaths in U.S. per year from this bacteria. But you should be fine as long as watch what you are eating and drinking. But if you do end up getting it, you will probably call it food poising, but your doctor might say it's typhimurium. Then he will most likely prescribe you Ciprofloxacin.