Elwood TechTalk

January 2017


...to the first edition of our Technology Newsletter. Our goal is to offer our entire Elwood community glimpses into how we are using technology to support and transform 21st century learning and teaching in our schools.
Boyd Robotics

Robots in Residence at James H. Boyd

Sponsored by the Elwood Booster Club, James H. Boyd Robotics Club is a new and exciting program open to students in grades 3-5. The club conducts different engineering design challenges such as programming robots to write, jousting matches, balloon battles, maze programming and more! Stay tuned for more information on registration as we will be opening our first summer robotics program for students

Behind the Scenes with STEAM!

Check out pix from the event by clicking here!

On January 11th, from 4:00 - 7:00 pm, The Elwood School District presented Behind the Scenes with STEAM. Students in grades K-8 experienced an adventure through the movies as they experimented, created, and tinkered using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics! Kids registered for two one-hour structured workshops and engaged in hands-on activities to learn basic chemistry, physics and engineering principles. Students spent a third session in the Elwood Institute of Technology where they had access to many activities to explore, discover, and tinker.

There's a new Seesaw at James H. Boyd

This month we feature Mrs. Liz Held and her amazing Seesaw! This particular piece of technology acts as a digitally driven portfolio that actually pairs student with parent, allowing families to see what their child is doing in school, fostering greater school-to-home relationships.

Our Wireless Network... Simplified.

To provide our students and staff with the ever-changing and easily-accessible resources they need, we are expanding our wireless infrastructure (fancy word for behind-the-scenes). Watch the video!
Mobile Teaching and Learning at Elwood UFSD... Wireless access is the key!

Elwood Middle School Advances with TECHNOLOGY (article from Elwood Highlights)

With technology at the forefront of society, Elwood Middle School has implemented a one-to-one (one computer for each student) computing initiative to expand on classroom curriculum.

Chromebooks and other Google tools have proven beneficial for students and faculty members inside and outside of the classroom.

Chromebooks have become the device of choice for providing a low cost way of getting class material and instructional tools to students. This is particularly valuable when a student misses a school day.

Chromebooks have enabled staff to change how they think about budgeting. "We no longer need to invest tremendous amounts of taxpayer dollars into textbooks that become obsolete and outdated very quickly," said Principal Dr. Hugh Gigante. "Having access to an almost limitless number of resources through the internet has changed our priorities in spending."

In addition to Chromebooks, tools such as Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Classroom have transformed middle school learning.

"Google Drive and Google Docs give our students the ability to work in new collaborative ways in an educational setting, both in and out of school," said Gene Tranchino, Executive Director for Administrative and Instructional Technology/Transportation.

The school has taken advantage of Google Classroom, which allows teachers to create assignments and electronically distribute them to their students. This is useful for collecting and grading work quickly and easily.

"Our faculty has done a wonderful job of integrating the technology into their classrooms," said Mr. Tranchino. "Several districts have visited Elwood Middle School in the past few years, as we have become a model for one-to-one instructional computing in our region."

Want to Learn More About Chromebooks at Elwood?

Visit Chromebook Central

Here you will find everything you need to help you be successful when using a Chromebook at the Elwood Middle School.

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Coding at Elwood

Students from grades K-12 have opportunities to engage in computer science concepts. The Hour of Code was conducted in our elementary schools as a taste of the computer science field. High school students can take AP Computer Science Principles during which they become fluent in computer programming languages. The STEAM event even had some of the AP Computer Science students teaching Middle School students how to write code for games!

New District Website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the district’s redesigned website, www.elwood.k12.ny.us. In an effort to strengthen our communication with the community, the new site has been created to serve as a reliable source of information for parents, students, residents, and anyone interested in knowing more about the school district.

Please visit this site often for up-to-date information on district activities and student achievements, as well as to access important school information and up-to-date calendar listings. We hope you find the district’s new website informative and interesting. In addition, please don’t forget to follow the district on Facebook (search “Elwood Union Free School District) and on Twitter (@Elwood_Super) to stay connected. Please know that with any website redesign, there is a transitional period where some information may be slow to convert from the old website. Our team is carefully analyzing the new website to make sure all relevant information has transitioned and is readily available to all.