Mustang Minute

April 3, 2020

***Remote Learning March 30-April 30***

NEW Office Hours Starting April 8th- 8:00AM-12:00PM

Our teachers are going to be flexible with students as we all start to get a better handle on more specific daily accountability in this new remote learning world.

We understand that there are extenuating circumstances at home that are different with each family. This is also true of our teaching staff.

The coming week is new to all of us. Our commitment to our families is to work through the glitches, and get better along the way.

Our staff also wants all of you to know we do miss everyone. Here is a special message we put together for our students....enjoy!

#Millburn Matters


  • Remote Learning (UPDATED)
  • Morning Announcements (NEW)
  • Material Pick-Up (NEW)
  • Parent Responsibilities (NEW)
  • IXL Overview
  • Read to Succeed (NEW)
  • Healthy Meals (NEW)
  • Child Care (NEW)
  • Physical Activity (NEW)
  • Kindergarten Registration (UPDATED)
  • Mystery Doug Live Stream Event (NEW)
  • Optional Challenges (NEW)

Remote Learning

This week our teachers have been preparing for learning activities for students. Our plan is that each Friday, we will communicate with parents on the learning activities for the coming week. Teachers will communicate with families at certain points over the course of the week through email, SeeSaw, Schoology, etc.

These new learning packets are more structured and provided daily activities that will state the skills, activities, and how students can show how they learned it. They are also designed using the state guidelines for instructional times, listed below.

Click on the link below to access next week's learning packet for your child's grade level.

***Please note that if your child receives additional support, you will be sent additional information from the teacher.

During these unprecedented times, we prioritize the connectedness and care for our students and one another as we maintain a continuity of learning. We recognize the importance of providing feedback, assessing student progress, and learning; and communicating this to students, parents, and teachers in the form of grades. To that end, we further identify a focus of keeping children emotionally and physically safe, fed, and engaged in learning.

Remote student learning during this pandemic may be formatively assessed (where possible and practical). We acknowledge that it may need to be assessed during the transition back to in-person instruction. Remote learning is designed to support student learning and continuity of education. Grading is feedback and communication in a snapshot of time to students and parents. The aim, emphasis, and focus for schoolwork assigned, reviewed, and completed during remote learning is on learning, not on compliance.

We are in the process of providing instructions for our teachers to do Zoom, an online platform to do video conferencing. You might see recorded videos for delivery of instruction, but there may be times Zoom might be used for a check in. The Zoom app will be pushed out to all iPads in the event a teacher uses it.

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Morning Announcements

We think keeping routines as normal as possible is very important during these times. Therefore, Mr. Walshire would like to keep doing morning announcements for the students. He will record announcements each day for students to listen to.

Please follow the link below to our website to access the daily announcements.

Material Pick Up

If you were contacted by your teacher about additional materials to be picked up, this time frame is from 8:00AM to 12:00PM on Monday.

We will have staff members outside to retrieve materials for you. Just pull up, state your child's name and homeroom teacher, and we will deliver the items to your car.

Learning Packet template hard copies will also be available to pick up.

Recommended Parent Responsibilities

  • Review work assigned to your child
  • Reserve a space yoru child to complete remote learning work.
  • Encourage enough sleep.
  • Set sensible time limits for technology use.
  • Talk to your child about their work every day.
  • Help students establish and follow regular daily routines

IXL Overview

IXL Overview

Read to Succeed

The Six Flags Read to Succeed program is still in full swing! Any reading your MES student does at home will count towards earning a FREE ticket to Great America this summer. Students who participate must read a minimum of 6 hours, and are able to earn bonus rewards and coupons to use at the park if they read more than 6 hours. Simply go to and set up your child's account by entering his/her teacher's unique code. All minutes/hours will need to be entered by April 17th. Six Flags will then email the free ticket directly to parents in May. If you have any questions, please contact your child's homeroom teacher or Renee Marasco at

Healthy Meals

Students should eat three healthy meals a day that includes fruits, vegetables, and protein. Families that are having difficulty getting sufficient meals should contact the school for any assistance. Avoid unhealthy snacking to alleviate stress. Teachers should encourage parents to allow their children to participate in meal preparation to encourage healthy eating habits.

Primary Care Givers

If you do not have a primary care provider, please contact or 1-866-ALL-KIDS (1-866-255-5437).

Physical Activity

Gross motor movement is more important now than ever but can also be more difficult to achieve with an adjusted schedule and social distancing. Children and adolescents age 6 and older need at least an hour a day of physical activity. Most of the hour should be either moderate or vigorous aerobic activity. Vigorous activity should be included at least three days a week. Parents should keep social distancing in mind when arranging for physical activity, and some may not have access to a safe place to do this. At the very least, a vigorous walk around their neighborhood where active conversation occurs about their immediate environment (houses, trees, animals, neighbors) or a developmentally appropriate conversation about what is going on in the world and why it’s so different from the norm. Other examples of moderate activity are sweeping the floor, walking briskly, dancing, vacuuming, washing windows, yardwork. More vigorous activity could involve a bike ride, playing tag with siblings or parents, and taking the family dog for a run.

Kindergarten Registration

Due to social distance restrictions, we will be coming up with an alternative for families dropping off their Kindergarten Registration Packets.

KDG Registration Packet Drop-Off

April 6th and April 7th


A drop box will be provided outside the school for families to use. Office staff will periodically bring in packets during the day to alleviate social interaction.

If you cannot drop off your packet on the designated dates and times, please contact the school office at 847-356-8331 to arrange a time.

Mystery Doug Livestream

Tuesday, April 7th, 12pm

This is an online event.

Next week, Doug is inviting students into his home for a LIVE, 20-minute science show. He’ll answer real kids’ questions about the current situation we’re all dealing with, as well as share a few fun surprises.

Mystery Doug Livestream
Tuesday, April 7, 12:00PM

Students should be familiar with Mystery Doug as part of our Science Curriculum.

Parent Resources