Ms. Then's Newsletter

Week of January 18th

Important Dates

  • Second Payment for Washington DC now due- $100.00 (online payment available)

  • 1/26- Report Cards go home.
  • 2/1 - After school Arts Classes begin
  • 2/2- PTO/Parent Meeting 6 pm at North Asheville Community Center
  • 2/11- Valentine's Day Dance
  • 2/19- Early Release Day
  • 2/22- No School- Required Work Day
  • 2/25- Tea & Talk with the Superintendent for Claxton Families in the Media Center
  • 3/1- PTO/Parent Meeting 6 pm at the Grant Center
  • 3/4- 7:00pm - 11:00pm "Light the Night" Auction
  • 3/15- Annual Chicken Dinner and Math Carnival 5:30-7
  • 3/25- 4/3 Spring Break
  • 4/5- PTO/Parent Meeting 6 pm at Burton Street Center
  • 4/6-4/8- Washington DC Field Trip Depart at 6:00AM
  • Bones and Joints activity

    A visit from Asheville Middle School Music Program

    Currently working on...

    In reading we are learning strategies to expand vocabulary by examining unfamiliar key words.

    Use word structure-

    Looking to see if there is a base word, a prefix, a suffix, or a cognate (a word in another language that is similar).

    Use context clues

    Hints given in the sentence or paragraph that help you figure the difficult word out by yourself.

    Use apposition-

    When the author tells you what the word means (usually after a comma or a dash).

    Use a dictionary or glossary

    In Math we are learning to estimate, divide, and then check our work!

    In Science we are focusing in on the skeletal system. Students are building a life-size model to help demonstrate and identify the human body systems.

    Claxton Fifth Grade Day of Service

    Homework Updates

    Unfinished math work will be sent home to be completed. Students are required complete the assignment for homework and have a parent signature. Assignments are due the next day.

    Thursday- Homework Packets are sent home.

    Students should read at least 30 minutes and complete part of the math packet. Review science vocabulary and create flash cards for the following words: Cranium, Mandible, Vertebrae, Clavicle, Scapula, Sternum, Pelvis, Humerus, Radius, Ulna, Femur,Tibia,Fibula, Patella, and Phalanges.

    Friday-Students should read at least 30 minutes and complete part of the math packet.

    Saturday & Sunday

    Students should continue to read nightly in order to build habits of a lifelong reader. Consider some of these activities to support what your student is learning in class.

    • Math Talk- Use real life math problems to discuss math with your student.
    - Conversions of recipes. (How many cups will we need if we double the recipe?)

    - Buying meat from the deli. (How many ounces in a pound, in a pound and a half?)

    • Science Vocabulary- Review flashcards with your child.
    • Washington DC Exhibits - Follow this link to explore exhibits we will be visiting in Washington DC

    Monday- Students should read at least 30 minutes and complete part of the math packet.

    Tuesday- Students should read at least 30 minutes and complete part of the math packet.

    Wednesday -Students should read at least 30 minutes and complete part of the math packet. Please sign your child's agenda to show they have been reading for at least 30 minutes each evening.

    • Thursday homework packet and flash cards are due.
    • Guidelines suggest limiting nightly homework to 50 minutes for fifth graders.
    • As students complete reading a book they will then write book reviews into their reading journal during class.
    • Follow the links below for help with math homework. (The lesson number on the homework page will direct you to which video to watch)

    Homework help

    EngageNY Grade 5 Module 2 Lesson 10
    EngageNY Grade 5 Module 2 Lesson 11
    EngageNY Grade 5 Module 2 Lesson 12

    Washington DC Next Payment and behavior contract

    Please send your next payment for your students Washington DC Field Trip. If possible, please use our online payment service.

    We have met with all fifth graders to review the behavior contract and expectations.Please review the expectations and sign the contract with your child.

    Transition to Asheville Middle School

    On February 10th your student will meet with Jesse Pit and Mark Ackerman to review Exploratory Registration for 6th grade. A registration sheet will be sent home to be reviewed and signed with a parent.

    Our new middle school is almost ready! see photos...

    After-School Arts

    Forms and class descriptions have been sent home for After-School Arts classes. Classes begin the week of Feb. 8th. Signup forms and money are due back to school by Fri., Jan. 22nd. You can see and print out extra forms here: