Sir Tim Berners-Lee

By Lucy Davidson

The amazing designer of the internet!

The English programmer is an amazing man, who got the idea of hyperlink (words to take you to another document) and the idea of sending files from computer to computer and mashed the two together. He succeeded massively because now the internet is a massive thing. In the 1980's he suffered a serious case of overload of work. He worked as a senior scientist at LCS. He studied physics at Oxford University. After university he became a software engineer. Tim Berners-Lee created the first web browser and editor. The worlds first website, http:/, was launched on the 6th August 1991. This website explained what the World Wide Web is, how to use it and how to get started with making and setting up your own websites. Tim was born on the 8th of June 1955 and grew up in London. He is now aged 60.
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