a role modal for me

My role modal is Sacajawea because...

she has bravery, constipation, and what she found.

My thesis is she was around the world with certain people to certain places,she lead people who were complete strangers. Se lead people to places and no matter what she would do it it was her job. She lead them to places that she had never been to or hasten bean she would sleep their eat she would do lots of her things. She wasn't even looking for the place she was supposed looking for she was helping Lewis and Clark's exposition. Her best find was the Lewis and Clark expedition.

What she did?

she traveled around the world and the travel expiditions were made by tomas jefferson


she would go around the world that places she has never been to with her 1 kid a new born. Her job was to travle around the world with people she has never met before. A lot of walking.


she must have had compassion she brought her only kid with her on her journeys. She would even spend mouths with the travel. No matter what the resin is fore the journey she had to do it for her job and her love of it. She would tell her self and to the people she was with that if they ever got lost she would try their bests to keep their heads up.

What she did

Of course what she was known for was the Lewis and Clark expedition. She was sent to an expedition with Louis and Clark to find the travel site she helped him through many tough times. And after that it was like she wasn't even known for anything else it was wind water in rough roads to go through to get to that site. She wasn't even looking for it and the bypass she found it right then and there. But through her many chuff tough times she was captured by her own tried as a prisoner traveling with small children like her own but do that she knew what she wanted to become and that's how she had helped Lewis and Clark.


Okay so what we all basicly learened was that she was a brave compassionet woman and was famose of what she did and what she found. Her life was hard although that she was kid napet by her own tribe and was forced to travle with them with her only son. Sacajawea was a role modal for me because she always had her head up and never put it down, and thats why she is my role modal