Registered for July 16-17, 2014, at OSSM

Amy Brewer, Assistant Principal

Susan Paz, Kindergarten Teacher

Teri Barkus, Extracurricular Coordinator

Susan Mackie, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Abigail Gatewood, 5th Grade Teacher

Andrea Wijkowski, Art Teacher

Positive Tomorrows Joins the OKA+ Network, May, 2014

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Meet us at the southeast gate at OSSM at 9:00 am, Wednesday, July 16!

Look for the OKA+ Yard Signs!

The gate is behind the Manning Academic Center (old Lincoln School building), at the east end of the parking lot. See red marker on map at http://goo.gl/1b2x2s.
If arriving after July 16 at 9:30, please enter through the Bernice Shedrick Library Building at the circle drive. See yellow marker on the map at http://goo.gl/1b2x2s
Directions to OSSM are online at http://www.ossm.edu/contact/directions/.

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Conference at a Glance (jpeg)

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Typical Summer Institute/Conference Activities


We are fortunate to be allowed to use the beautiful campus of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics. Please help us care for the facilities and show our appreciation and respect to the faculty and staff for the use of the campus.

LUNCH will be served to all participants daily in the Great Hall, which is located in the Residence Hall. Service is buffet style, with hot-meal selections, a well-stocked and diverse salad bar, and dessert options; participants may select items that meet their tastes and dietary restrictions.


  • Numbered key cards will be distributed at check in. Cards must be returned on the last day of attendance; there is a $10 fee for unreturned cards.
  • You will need your key card to enter/exit all buildings at OSSM. Please keep your key card with you at all times
  • Sensors are located at most doors. Pass the key card in front of the sensor (magnetic strip facing sensor). The sensor beeps, and a green light flashes when the door lock is released.
  • Please enter and exit the Residence Hall by the front door. Key cards will not work on side exits.
  • An alarm will sound if the side doors are opened in the Residence Hall.

Should the alarm be set off, report to the person in the Residence Hall office or call Anne Springall at 405-209-8966.

All key cards must be returned to OKA+ Schools when you check out at the end of your institute. You will be charged $10 for each card that is not returned.


  • The Residence Hall basement doubles as a storm shelter.
  • Exterior doors automatically unlock when fire alarms are activated.


  • All windows must remain closed.
  • As a public high school, OSSM is a smoke-free campus.
  • In the Manning Academic Center (the MAC), food and beverages are allowed only in the Student Lounge, except that lidded bottles containing water may be taken into classrooms.
  • Elevators in the MAC are to be used only by people with mobility issues or for transporting supplies.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the campus.
  • All food prepared in the Great Hall must remain in the Great Hall.

Computer Lab and Internet Access:

  • There are computers and Internet access in the Computer Lab of the MAC. Access is available only when Computer Lab doors are open. In order to use these facilities, please refer to the OSSM Guest Login Instructions posted. If the system does not work properly, please advise an OKA+ staff member. Do not try to repair or reconfigure the system. Outside computers/laptops are not permitted to access the OSSM Network/Ethernet.
Wireless internet service will be available in the classrooms OSSM.

OKA+ Summer Attendance/Cancellation Policy

Participation in OKA+ Schools Summer Institutes and Conferences
While it is understood that emergencies occur, outside of those incidents, failure to participate in all components for which individuals are registered, including meals and full participation in workshops and conference sessions, will cause the school to be liable for costs incurred by Oklahoma A+ Schools for those participants, unless they have canceled or advised OKA+ of partial attendance specifics by July 10. The current cost estimate, per person, is $75 per day. Actual cost will be computed upon completion.

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