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The size (area) of Botswana is 600,370 square kilometers. The climate of the country is very dry, the only rainfall is between November and March. Most of the country is near- desert, with the Kalahari occupying the western part of the country. Botswana is a semi-arid, due to the short rain season. The country is remote from moisture-laden air flows for most of the year. The dry season lasts from April, to October to the South and November in the North, however rainfall totals are higher. The South of the country is exposed to cold wins during winter. Botswana is rich in natural resources, the capital has a huge roll in this process producing food, fuel, shelter and a livelihood to thousands of people mining for diamonds. A major land form is the Kalahari desert, which is a vast-semi dessert of woodland, scrub and sandy grassland. The Okavango delta is a very large out land delta formed where the okavango river reaches a tectonic trough in the central part of the endorheic basin of the Kalahari. The capital of Botswana is Gaborone. A major city is Francistown it is the second largest city in Botswana.

History in Botswana-

1. 1996- It got its independence from great Britain.

2. 1967- Diamonds were discovered in Orapa.

3. 1977- Botswana defense force is established.

4. 1999- Festus Mogae was confirmed as president.

5. 2008- Botswana launches its own diamond trading company.


Religion is central in society and Christianity, introduced my missionaries in the 19th century. However churches, often mix christian liturgy with elements of indigenous beliefs. The holidays are 1: january,1st- New years day 2: April- good friday 3: may,1st- labor day 4: july,3rd-presidents day. Botswana speaks two languages, English, and Tswana. Botswana recognizes about 70 percent of the people are christian.


Botswana is a parliamentary republic. The national assembly has 57 elected and 4 appointed members. The BDP (Botswana dichromatic party) has never lost power since it has received it in 1966. General elections are heald every 5 years. Political parties are, Decromatic, national front, congress, alliance movement, independence, people, marx engel lenin stalin movement. Their current leader is Seretse Khama Ian Khama.


Trade unions represent a minority of the workers in the Botswana economy. The main industry they have in Botswana is diamonds. Imports China, Israel, and Zimbabwe. It's Exports are United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel, and Belgium.

Top 5 places to visit-

1: Chobe national park, it is a very big tourist attraction.

2: Okovango delta, it is a very big delta with lots of tourist that often look at it.

3: Tsodilo hills, it is a very beautiful place people say it is like an outdoor gallery.

4: Nxai pan, it is a beautiful destination for outside people and safari type of people.

5: Tuli block, it's a wildlife rich area in Eastern Botswana.

Hymne national du Botswana