By: Julia Maguellal

Should animals be tested ?

I am against the idea of Animals being tested for cosmetics, medicines, or even in scientific laboratories. If animals could speak i bet they would think the same thing. There harmless animals why so much experiments ? Sometimes they aren't even beneficiary. I have facts to support my statement on " Why Animals Should Not Be Tested".

Use of Medical Research On Animals Ever Be Justified?

Reasons why it should be justified.

Mainstream medical and scientific organizations agree that animals are essential in scientific research and medicines. Animal research is a last resort and is used alongside other types of research. Research using rats suggested that “memory switch” could help some patients. New approach to cancer vaccines has treated prostate tumors in mice.

Claims that animal testing can or has lead to cures for every human ailment is powerful, but there is very little proof to back that up. Also one review of 76 key animal research papers concluded that “patients and physicians should remain cautious of prominent animal research to cure human disease.