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Building Academic Vocabulary

This week we started using our intervention time for building academic vocabulary in grades 3 - 5. The document has been shared with all teachers. Let me know if you have questions.

Parent Communication

Respond to parent calls/emails/notes etc. within 1 school day. If you are unable to give a complete answer it is ok to say "I'm still working on it" "I'm waiting to hear back from ...."


October 28th Theme: Mexican

Kinder and First grade: Entrees

Second and Third: Desserts and drinks

Specials, office, and skills: Sides

Fourth and fifth: paper goods

Strategy for Getting Quick Feedback From Students (1 min. video)

Trinity River Poster Contest

A number of our students participated in the Trinity River Authority of Texas Poster Contest – “Don’t Trash Our Water”. TRA received over 1,000 entries from area students. One of the winners came from Mrs. Dean's 1st grade class! Congratulations to the student, Mrs. Dean, and Mrs. Prikryl.

Tell Your Story

Kids have always been my passion, though not my profession. In high school I was a volunteer runaway counselor. Today I continue volunteering with Dallas CASA advocating for kids in the foster care system. I teach because I want to demonstrate to my students what a gift an education truly is. ~V. Babb
My passion is helping special needs children learn life skills. It is something that I truly value and what gets me out of bed in the morning. I enjoy making a difference in our young people’s lives by helping them learn and discover things that come easy to others. ~B. Schumacher

Important Dates

10/17 - Leadership Team Meeting

10/20 - Candy donations due

10/24 - 10/28 Red Ribbon Week

10/27 - PTA/Trunk or Treat

10/28 - 5th Grade Dogwood Canyon

11/3 - Staff Meeting

11/3 - Honor Roll Parade (Details are forthcoming)

11/4 - Staff Development

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