By: Lauren Ferris

When did it come together?

Greece joined the European Union in 1981. But this country was not a founder of the EU.


This country was a part of the Roman Empire at a time. Also it is located in Southern Europe and is between Albania and Turkey.


The cross in the corner of the Greece flag symbolizes the Greek orthodoxy and there is no meaning for the blue stripes.
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Capital and other cities

The capital of this country is Athens. Some other cities in Greece are Patra, Sparti, Piraeus, and Chalkida.


If people were to come to this country I would recommend they go to the Parthenon because it is the most important surviving building of the classical Greece.


The phisical features in this area are mountains, peninsulas or chanes of islands.

Government and currency

Greece's government type is a parliamentary republic. Also the currency in this country $238 billion (2014 est.)

Other interesting facts

55.3 % of people 15-24 are unemployed. Also you must be 19-45 years old to be in the military. The final interesting fact is that there are 6.2 billion internet users.


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