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San Diego telephone company begins operation

In May,1882 the San Diego telephone company begins its first operation. The future for the city of San Diego is about to be changed forever. The people of this city now have a much more effective way of communicating with one another ranging from contacting business to business, to calling home in the next town over. Life as we know is about to become so much simpler. The idea of the telephone was first born on March 3rd 1849 and is finally branching out to our community. It is amazing to get to see how this new technology is about to effect us and the future for our city.

First Transcontiental railroad reaches san diego, california!

On November 15, 1885 the first train from the California railroad leaves San Diego and on Novemember 21, 1885 the first train from the east side of America arrives. The railroad system in San Diego is a huge deal because it's a huge change in transportation! We are now going to have a MUCH faster way to get from place to place across our country. The new railroad is already showing a huge impact on the way our people live by providing a faster, safer, and easier way to commute to our families, places of work, etc.

Assimilation of Native Americans

Assimilation is a big impact on native Americans. They are being forced to move to west of the Mississippi river. the white Americans want to move there also, so the government is making the native americans sign treaties to live on reservations. the white americans are complaining to the federal government that the native americans are attacking them on the reservations(indian land). conflicts between the federal government, white americans, and the native americans are known as indian wars. everyone who lives on the reservations learn to move on and understand that the only way to end the conlift is to except it is their way of life now. as a resolution, the united states is offering peace, cash payments and supplies. Due to the civil war some of those promises never can come true and will lead to frustration in many places.



Populism, is it a big issue? To a lot of people such as farmers and other citizens populism has become the most talked about topic. The idea of unlimited silver coinage has become a popular idea among these people. It is being said that the Republican and Democratic Parties favor industries and banks over the farmers who have been struggling to keep their homes stable. No one knows of this new populist group is going to achieve anything. Are they powerful enough to change anything? It seems one of the least appealing ideas of populism would be an eight hour work day. It is safe to say Urban voters are anything but supportive of this new idea. The idea did not pass. In the end it seems the populist party was a waste of precious time, seeing as after the voting showed the winning of McKinley, the party declined.

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Letters to editor

Dear Editor

Settling here has been anything but settling. We have been struggling with our farms and paying for homes. Some of our crops are failing to grow here and there is worry all around debating wether we made the correct decision moving to this new land. It seems living here will be harder to adjust than we have originally thought and we ask for aid from other settlements to share some of their success with us. It can't only be us that are struggling there must be others and we demand help from the government. They must step in and do something about these conditions.


The citizens

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you on an article you mentioned containing populism. We have had trouble as well with the currency we are supposed to be using. We do not have enough money and many of us are loosing our homes due to the fact we cannot pay for them. It was mentioned that with silver and paper currency we will be able to increase the value of the money we have and most of us agree it would help us. Others say that it will only complicate things, but as a father I have a family to provide for and with little money I earn I find it harder and harder to accomplish.


A concerned father and husband


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