Popular Forms of Sales Promotion

by: Riley Michalski

Premium Items Give- aways

Definition: A item given away to a certain people to either gain attention to the product or attract people to the event in which the item is going out at.

Example: first 3,000 fans get a rangers T-shirt

Contest and Sweepstakes

Definition: An event in which people try an win over someone else or have a possibility of winning a product

Example: First 4 fans have a chance of shooting a half court shot at the mavs game for 1,00$


Definition: When a product is openly displayed where the consumer can get a actual feel of the product before the purchase

Example: Sams club food samples.

Point at Purchase Displays

Definition: a display near or around the point at which you purchase the item to intrigue the consumer.

Example: candy near the cash register

Special Events

Definition: Promoting a event through sponsors and other forms of media.
Example: Commercial for the big game.


Definition: Sending the consumer coupons to try an encourage the purchase of the product.
Example: Coupons for Rangers tickets during the hottest days of the year.