All About Biathlon!

By Sam & William

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How it's played

Participants ski over a course of 10 or 20 kilometers long on which targets are set at different points. The skiers must shoot at the targets from the standing and prone positions and are penalized for every miss.


Arm Sling: Used to stabillise the rifle while shooting.

Rear Sight: A clear clyinder mangnifies the target

Harness: Used to carry the rifle on the athlete's back.

Fore Sight: A marker at the end of th barrel that aids in aligning a shot with the target.

Current U.S. olympic athletes

Susan Dunklee
Lanny Barnes
Lowell Bailey
Tim Burke

How it's scored

They are scored on the fasted time and the most points

Types of compition

* Individual

* Sprint

* Pursuit

* Relay


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