New Stylist Challenge

Ready - Set - Go


You are officially a Stella & Dot Stylist! Woo-hoo! Congrats on grabbing that bonus $100 during our January sign-up special. I've mentioned how I love doing contests for my team! I do! So this one is JUST FOR YOU!

It's time to get you off to a great start! As your sponsor, I am here every step of the way to make sure you love what you do! There is a ton of training that can be done on your own time in the lounge! Have fun browsing the videos and getting to know our home office! I'd also love to set-up some new for a New Stylist Training with you.

Now it's time for some FUN! Are you ready??? I have some CHALLENGES for YOU during JUMPSTART!

Here are 3 Challenges for you during your JUMPSTART

Challenge #1:

Book 4 Trunk Shows that qualify within your 60 days of Jumpstart and you will receive a surprise from me.....hmmmm....what do you think it will be?

Challenge #2:

Sell $1000 within your first 30 days and I will gift you a neck form.

  • As soon as you sell over $1000 during your first 60 days (your Jump Start), you begin earning a % of these sales in FREE PRODUCT credit. So, let's get you earning product credit during these first 60 days, right!?! Sell $1000- you've earned $100 in freebies
  • What if you sold $1000 during your FIRST 30 days? You earn our QUICK START bonus! Guess what? That Quick start bonus means another $100 in FREE PRODUCT CREDIT FOR YOU! Hence-- this is YOUR challenge # 1!
  • Let's do the math-- sell $1000 in your first 30 days and Home office will award you with $200 in free product credit ($100 + $100 QS bonus) and I'll be sending you a set of trays to hold these new jewels!

Challenge #3:

Sell $2308 in February and I will gift you a pair a stud earrings or a friendship bracelet of your choice! :)