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November 2018 edition

In this newsletter:

  • EADMS report for benchmarks
  • TK-1st grade teachers focus group opportunity
  • Backing up your iPad photos
  • Password reset and and other flashback news


EADMS Report to see Benchmark Scores
We know... you have been hoping for a Mel and Liz video... just kidding--- but people HAVE been asking about the best reports to see data from benchmark (and any other) assessments. So here you go!

(By the way, we like making videos and we take requests. So ask away! What do you want to know more about?)


Calling our TK, Kinder and 1st grade teachers!

We have had devices in TK/Kinder/1st grade classrooms for some time now. Helen, Dave and I want to invite you to spend some time reflecting and refining how we have used technology so far, and creating a plan for the future.

We are seeking TK-1 teachers who are interested in working as a team throughout this school year (2018-19) to meet three specific goals:

* reflect on current deployment and use of iPads/Chromebooks in TK-1 classrooms

* research and define best practices for technology use in the TK/Kinder/1st grade classroom

* develop a TK-1 plan for technology implementation and recommended use in HESD

** This is NOT something for just the "techie teachers". It is for teachers who prioritize student success, and I think that is all of us... so if you teach transitional kinder, kinder or first grade and have the time (one afternoon meeting a month-ish), it just might be for YOU! Click the button below for more information and to register your interest.

(Can I have a moment of honesty? I'm not sure that everyone reads this newsletter, so PLEASE, talk about this with the TK/K/1 teachers at your school because we want to have a well represented group of teachers for this. It is important!)

TK1 iCadre-- Click here for more info and to sign up

I hope you will talk with your grade level colleagues and make sure your site/grade is represented!


Mobile Device Refresh Update

For the certificated staff who received original iPads in 2013 that haven't been replaced and who completed the google form last month:

The orders for iPads and Chromebooks have been placed and they should arrive soon. Stand by for details about the set up meeting for your site.

In preparation and anticipation... (this info is good for everyone, really)

Make sure you know your apple ID password, and if you have photos etc on your iPad you want to back up, do that now. Here are some things to consider

  • Look in settings to see if you are signed into iCloud and if photos are backed up
  • Upload photos to Google Photos (you can download the Google Photos app and sign in with your google account, then set it to sync. Photos will now be in your Google Drive)

  • Ask yourself---- do you REALLY need to save all the photos you have? This may be a good time to do some photo-pruning.

Note: if you have any purchased apps, they are associated with your apple id, not your specific device. You will need to download them again on your new device, but you will still have access to them

Hope that helps answer some frequently expressed concerns. :)


Some lesson ideas for the next few weeks

A few fun things you might want to check out: 1. Hour of Code 2. Pixel Art 3. Storyline Online

Hour of Code 2018--- DECEMBER IS HOUR OF CODE MONTH!!!

I hope that every year you feel more excited about coding and participating in the Hour of Code. Next week is designated as "Hour of Code week" but give yourself the whole month and beyond, because one hour is going to start an interest in many of your students and this will become a "when you are done with your work..." type thing. But surprise, they are still working!
You see, coding is, yes, about learning to code, but it is also about finding creative solutions, thinking critically about order of codes... I could go on and on. It is definitely cool to know about coding languages, and there is no question this is a useful skill, but coding is also a vehicle to practicing critical thought, creativity and thinking about how things work.
Hueneme Hour of Code site

Have a favorite resource that isn't here? Email me and I'll add it!

Pixel Art in Google Sheets

Maybe you have already seen the idea of pixel art (hello, Minecraft) but this blog post shows you how students can create art in a Google Sheet. Might this replace a holiday worksheet and allow students to design their own? Check it out!

(Less time at the copy machine? Win for you! Student creativity? Win for them!)

** Get a copy of the pixel art template here **

(Google Classroom tip... make a copy of the Sheet at that link, then attach it to an ASSIGNMENT for students with the "make a copy for each student" option. Easy peasy and they will be ready to go!)

Try it-- it is actually pretty fun. 5th grade or up, let me know if I can come teach your class about conditional formatting and how this works!


A story of problem solving that can start discussions about what it is like to live in Alaska, some traditions of Hannukah, problem solving, and even writing in first person.

But really, my favorite part is that it's a winter-y story with a cool setting, and a winter holiday many of our kids don't celebrate woven into the background.

** Click here for the Storyline Online page **


Have you reset your password yet?

Big picture
SO many of you have! THANK YOU! Some of you either haven't thought it's for you? or maybe hoped it would go away?


Here's the thing... our district issued passwords are needing a little bit of a refresh. So, our NEW SYSTEM will allow you to set your own password, and reset it if you ever forget it. So, be a hero of password security and reset your password this month (like seriously, because your old password will die a tragic death very soon--- don't get caught in a panic)

You will use this new password to

  • Sign in to a computer
  • Sign in to wi-fi
  • Sign in to email and use the "sign in with google" button
  • Sign in to your Google Account in general--- Drive, Docs etc.

Once you reset your password, use it for anything you used to use your "district password" for.

Okay, what should I do?

  • Go to the district site and choose RESET YOUR PASSWORD in the District Menu
  • Enroll one time
  • Change your password any time

So, it is a two step deal--- enroll yourself in the system, then click CHANGE PASSWORD and... change your password. Then, you have a more secure password that ONLY YOU know, and you are a password hero! And hey, don't share this password. Not with another teacher. Not with a sub. Just nope. You are a hero protector of student data behind that password.

Heads up-- This process will replace your "District password". This means after you go through the process to change it, you will need to enter the password again on each device you use. Most accounts will prompt you to do this.

NOW is the time to make sure you get this done!

Because seriously, passwords will expire very soon and that could be scary if you aren't prepared.

So, click the image to the right if you want more specific steps, but get this password reset and feel like you have accomplished something important, because hey, you have!

Need more specific instructions? Click here!

This Google Doc will give you all the details you need.


Big picture

Student Account Protocols

Wondering how students sign into curriculum etc. that the tech department has created accounts for? Wonder no more!



What's happening in Hueneme Classrooms?

One way to find out is to check out #hesdpride on twitter! Click the button below and read a few!

No pressure... a Twitter account isn't created when you click. You don't have to post pictures of your lunch. :)

And thank you to the teachers who take a minute to share what they are doing. Getting glimpses into your classrooms is inspiring others!

#hesdpride stream on Twitter

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