History Final

Declaration of independence, Great depression, World Wars.

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Declaration of Independence

The declaration of Independence was a radical move made by a group of radicals. Tired of English rule and the war these men decided to write a document that would change history. Though Independence was not sought after by many in the beginning of the war , after the king decided to try and crush the rebels by increasing his army and naval power. Conservatives stopped trying to reconcile and pushed for independence.

How it shaped america

Though the rebels could not have pictured what their country would become. They played a big role in shaping the country. If they had not done what they did we would still be under British rule. Without them we would not have been able to become the country that we are today .
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Great depression

The great depression was the longest downturn in the U.S economy leaving millions with out jobs. The great depression started on black Tuesday after the stock market plunged starting a wave of financial terror. Previous to the crash the stock market was only climbing encouraging people to buy on margin. When the market crashed they couldn't pay there broker and the bank couldn't pay them. thousands of banks closed leaving people without money.

How it shaped America

The great depression shaped America greatly it plunged the U.S into a period where money was scarce and Americans had to persevere. Trying to get out of the great depression the U.S Government lay'ed the foundations for our modern banking system as well as programs to build houses schools bridges dams and supply people with jobs.
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World wars

The U.S entered to both world wars late it entered to world war one in 1917 to help its allies though our army was greatly under trained and unprepared. We entered World War II after the Japanese attack of pearl Harbor. With a additive of extra troops from the U.S and a land invasion of Normandy we were able to turn the tide of both wars inventing many new technologies along the way.

How it affected the U.S

The world wars made what america is today shaping our massive military and discovering many technologies that we use today. We made new planes new cars and founded an infrastructure across the U.S .
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Cold war

The cold war is a period of time in the U.S were to major superpowers the U.S and Russia stock pile nuclear weapons in anticipation for a nuclear war. War never broke out between the U.S and Russia because of mutually assured destruction. Though there were some minor hot wars and crisis like the Korean war and the Cuban missile crisis. Throughout this time the world lived in fear of nuclear war.

How it shaped America

Though it never escalated to a hot war between the U.S and Russia it shaped america greatly. Causing plans for nuclear evacuation to be made as well as bomb shelters. America was always in fear of the bomb it caused us to make more bombs bigger bombs. We created Hydrogen bombs. It caused us to spy on Russia. We also fought small hot wars such as the Korean war. Were the communist North fought against the democratic South.