photography is art captured in one moment

portfolio photography

what's that? to be completely honest, it's just taking pictures of people. you can call it whatever you want to, but I like calling it portfolio photography. it's like taking pictures of someone. like you would draw a portrait of someone, only you take pictures instead. below are some examples of pictures I've taken of friends, family, and strangers.

Olympus E-510

macro photography

macro photography? it sounds like macaroni and cheese, I know. well, macro photography is photography super close and focused. like how Dory gets up close and personal! macro lens are put on a camera to make a small object look big. it focuses on one thing and blurs out the rest. for some examples of macro photography, look at some of the pictures on this page.

too many people undervalue what they are and overvalue what they are not


this is a picture i took at my papa's ranch. it was thanksgiving day and i can still remember how happy and hyper everyone was. i went outside and took these pictures in the pasture. i brought the dogs along and they did everything they could to ruin my pictures until i finally got a good one!
Big image

pictures are memories that will never change, even if the people in them have

it doesn't matter if they don't like you, just remember to be kind

what have I learned? why is photography imprtant?

I've learned a few different things about photography. I knew a lot about photography before, but I think since I've gone into depth about it, I've learned more. I've learned about shots and angles from multimedia, different lenses from my dad, and how to work with what I have.
Why is photography important? Well, some people are photographers and that's how they make a living. Also, photography captures memories. Without photography, you wouldn't know what you looked like when you were a baby. You wouldn't remember your great grandparents who have passed on. Photography shows us what's going on around the world. Photography is an important key in life!

to live is the rarest thing in the world...most people just exist