How to be successful in 6th grade

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In this section, I will teach you how to be successful in the reading part of 6th grade


Quizlet is a HW assignment that you do every day. Its a website you go on to learn your vocabulary words of the week (Yes, you have vocabulary words every week).


1.Try to do them at home, it wastes time doing them in class.

2. Each of the 4 Quizlets include Learn, Speller, Test and Scatter.

3.Do speller last, thats the one that takes the longest amount of time

4.Do scatter first, thats the one that takes the shortest amount of time

5.After your done with each assignment, make sure to screen shot them and dropbox them.


An AOW is a reading assignment. An AOW is an assignment were you read a passage and answer some question. But then there is also some other stuff that you have to do.

1.Stop and jot: Stop and jot is were you read the passage and write about 5 sentences about what you read.

2. Prediction statement: A prediction statement is were predict what the story is going to be about.

3. Key words: A key word is a word or two words that help to understand questions or parts of the passage.

4:Project: There could sometimes be a project involved in the passage, if so, then just do what it says and you will be fine.

5: Questions: There are questions at the end. You answer them in two or more complete sentences

Wordly Wise

Wordly wise is a packet that takes around 30 minutes to an hour to complete. There is a vocabulary section, and a reading section. You need to use the words you learned from the vocab section to answer the questions to the reading section. In the vocab section you match words, type them in a sentence that goes with one of the words. The reading passage has about 15 questions to answer.


The novel I read this past two months is called Wonder. Wonder is a book about a kid named august how has some medical problems. We also have this thing called a discussion board. A discussion board is a place were you get your job and answer the problem that follows the job. The jobs include clarify, summarize, prediction,questioning,visualize.

Reading logs

The reading logs are were you read and give a summery of what you read. You also have to give the name of your book and the author. You write about a paragraph about your book.


In this section, I will teach you about the math portion of this section for 6th grade


The homework is a packet with a bunch of math problem all together. You solve the math problems on looseleaf paper then turn them in on a basket.


Centers are a thing we do every week. The centers have 6 activities to do. Each day we do 2 activities. We do buzz math, ten marks and a lot of other stuff.

Ten marks/ IXL/ buzz math

Ten marks is a math website were the teacher assigns things to do. IXL is a website were there is a lot of other math and reading activities to do. Buzz math is like Ten marks in the fact that the teacher assigns things to do. You can earn cool badges on Ixl. You can also earn stars on buzz math


In this section, you will learn about the responsibilities of being in 6th grade
The responsibilities of being in 6th grade include being quiet in the hallways. They include not talking when the teacher is talking.They include doing your work on time, like homework or school work.They include not eating or drinking by your laptop. They include being to school on time


In this section, you will learn about the behavior when being in 6th grade
You shouldn't yell inside. You shouldn't talk when the teacher is talking. You shouldn't talk when your not supposed to. Don't hit anybody. Be respectful