All About Congress

By: Rebecca Dgien

What is Congress

Our legislative branch of government is made up of two houses. Thus, it is a bicameral legislator meaning it has two branches or chambers. These two houses are called the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has 100 members, this means each state gets 2 senators and have equal representation. However, the House of Representatives has 435 members and is based off population. Those 435 members are divided up among states based on how many people are living in that state.

What Does Congress Do and Who Represents Pennsylvania and Muncy in Congress

Congress is the legislative branch of our government. This means that they are the creators and source of the laws made in the United States. Congress also does many other things as described in the Constitution of the United States other than making laws. For example, Congress is the branch out government of whom have the power to declare war. Here in Pennsylvania in the Senate we are represented by senator Patrick Toomey and Robert Casey Jr. Then in Muncy which is in the 10 Congressional district of Pennsylvania we are representated in the house of Representatives by representative Tom Marino.

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What is Congress?