the cultural revolution in china

by: Emma holland

how it all began

Mao Zedong launched the revolution at a meeting of the plenum of the central committee, august 1966.he felt like the current pay leadership in china was moving to far in a revisions direction.

the red gaurds

the red guards are a massive youth group made to harass and attack the elders and the instinctual citizens of china. They wore green uniforms usually worn by there parents in world war 2.

The effects

The effects of the cultural revolution is:

•1.5 million were killed

•millions more where suffering

•most Chinese citizens lost there jobs

•it effected the whole state

•they lost faith in there leader causing most to leave

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how could this happen today

This could happen in the modern world today by the government creating a secret system (like the red guards) and releasing them to harass citizens.