Type 2 Diabetes

Riley Dennis and Anna Chapman

General Diabetes Information

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. When someone has type 2 diabetes their body does not use insulin properly which is also known as insulin resistance. To make up the glucose not getting into the cells, their pancreas creates extra insulin than your blood stream needs. Overtime their pancreas is not able to keep up with the amount of glucose in the blood stream and wears out. Now they have type 1 diabetes and have to receive insulin through an injection.

Diet Recommendations for a Type 2 Diabetic

A person with type 2 diabetes needs to get a healthy amount of food from each food group. They need to limit calories and sodium. Whenever possible they need to eat healthy fats oppose to unhealthy fats. An easy way to get the right amount of every food is the plate method. This is a visual food guide that helps you choose the best types and right amounts of foods to eat. It encourages larger portions of non-starchy vegetables (half the plate) and moderate portions of protein (one quarter of the plate) and starch (one quarter of the plate).

Blood Sugar Monitoring with Type 2 Diabetes

You should check your blood sugar levels before meals. Before testing you should wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry them. Then you will prick your fingertip using a lancet. All you need is a drop to two drops of blood for this. After that you will put the blood on a test strip and then insert the strip into a small machine or reader called a glucometer that will tell you your blood glucose levels.

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Exercise with Type 2 Diabetes

People who have type 2 diabetes have a large amount of blood glucose and exercise helps lower and keep the glucose at a healthy level. When you are exercising, your muscles are using glucose without insulin. Your muscles are using the glucose that was in your blood which make the blood glucose levels go down. When exercising you should: get your doctor’s ok, check your blood sugar, carry carbs, strength train at least twice a week, make a habit of exercising, hydrate, and stop it something suddenly hurts.

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Careers Involving Diabetes

Endocrinologist- An endocrinologist diagnoses diseases, like diabetes, related to glands.

Dietician- can help create a personalized diet taking in account the likes and dislikes of the diabetic while also helping them get the nutrients they need. They can tell you what to eat and when to help you monitor and control your blood sugar level.

Certified diabetic educator- A health care professional who has a lot of knowledge about prediabetes, diabetes, and how to prevent and treat diabetes. This person educates people who have been diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes.

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