Joshua Floyd


Community project

I made my community project a bowl with a straw coming out of the side. I did this so that when people are done eating cereal out of it, they can proceed to drink the milk out of the straw. It is an ingenius idea, that sadly, i did not come up with. I was inspired by old plastic versions of my piece from my childhood.

Coil pot

I chose to do this piece, because I wanted to utilize the coil method in an original way. I drew many thumbnail skethces that were very different to my piece before I decided on my design.I think that my pot did end up being different from all the others in my class, in that it had both inward and outward curves.

Critique #1 John Deweese Pottery

In this piece of artwork, the color is like a dark brown or black at the bottom, that lightens to a brown at the top of the piece. It is very asymmetrical. The elements and principals that dominate the work are form and value. I cannot tell exactly what time period it is from but im thinking pretty modern. It doesnt put off much of a story either but maybe a solemn feeling. I do like this artwork, because although it is asymmetrical it does it with skill, in a way I can truly appreciate.

Critique #2 Emma Marie Caldwalader-Guild-"Free"

This peice of artwork is of a man that looks like he could either be leaning against something, but more likely chained to it. He is muscular and wearing only a loin dclothe which could make the viewer think that he is a slave perhaps. It is all one solid bronze color. The elements and principles that dominate this peice would be form, unity and texture. it is arranged in a way that creates a man. The title of the piece is free, but the man doesnt look free. He looks chained and defeated, like maybe he had once tasted freedom only to have its sweetness stolen harshly away from him. I think this peice is very successful and would be very hard to replicate given its detail and skill. It looks as if its been sculpted by the great Michelangelo.