Emily Thomas


What unique holidays does Ecuador celebrate?Why?Name four.

"Fanesca", during this holiday no-one is allowed to eat meat.

Another holiday would be "Corpus Christi", during this holiday , men climb 12 feet high greased poles to win the prize on top and to show their strength.

Also "Pachamama", is when everyone celebrates "mother earth".

The final holiday is "Day of the Dead", during this holiday the people go to their loved ones graves and cherish them by giving them flowers , singing , and waiting for their ghosts to come.


What are the types of climate here?How does this affect the environment?

The types of climates are hot and humid rain forests.It affects the environment because the rain helps the food grow for people.Plus, the rain forests are home to many plants and animals which the people can use the animals for food. They can also use the plants for medicine. That is why the climate is important to the environment

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Who was the first to discover Ecuador?How was he/she important?

The person to first discover Ecuador was Bartolome Ruiz de Estrada. He was a pilot for Pizarro on his second voyage. He pushed southward while Pizarro explored the Colombian coast.


What is the number one export in

Ecuador? What are other common exports? Why are they so important?

The number one export is bananas. Other , more common exports consist of oil, shrimp, gold, and other primary agricultural products. They are important because Ecuador's people can sell these exports for more money to feed their family and buy clothes.