The Eleventh Plague

By Jeff Hirsch


A teenager named Stephen Quinn grew up as a salvager in wasteland once known as the United States. A disease that they call The Eleventh Plague, or P11 for short, spread throughout the world causing injuries and deaths. The whole world became a wasteland with all of the power going out, houses and buildings being abandoned, and people dying every second. Stephen and his dad use all of their effort to do whatever it takes to stay alive. One day, Stephen's dad gets a head injury that puts him in a coma. Stephen then has to look out for himself and his dad who is now hopeless. Stephen is seen with his dad after the accident and is taken back to a small town that is safe. Stephen thinks it's too good to be real, but then trouble begins in the town.



I give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating and I recommend this book to teenagers who like survival and adventure. It crosses through having to survive an empty wasteland to running for your life. It teaches good lessons on weather to fight for yourself, your family, or your love.

Favorite Quote

" a jigsaw puzzle. You know? You've got all these pieces and, on its own, each piece is a splotch of blue or a bit of green. But then a bunch of them click into place and you've got the sky or the grass and the whole thing just makes sense." (Page 179)