Emerald City Team Stylists!!!

October Recognition

What a fabulous month so many of YOU had!!! October is just the beginning to the best selling month of the year, NOVEMBER!!!!

A BIG shout out to Kristy Pauly for being #1 in all Ruby Reds in sales! Kristy did a Breast Cancer Fundraiser for a single mom that was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Here is what Kristy had to say about it, " I was so overwhelmed with the response I received from my guests and from the recipients friends and family. I spoke with the lady today and told her she would be receiving $600 in free jewelry and $360 in cash from me. She started crying and that single moment was one of the best in my career as a stylist! She is even going to use her credits to buy presents for a few people. I told her to make sure to treat herself too! Just to know I helped someone truly in need was the best feeling ever!"

TOP 10 in Sales......

1 Kristy Pauly Wichita KS US 6489.14

2 Elizabeth Tridle Leawood KS US 3952.5

3 Jill Kuckelman Mission KS US 3208.25

4 Leslie Staver Maize KS US 2918.75

5 Kristen Fine Prairie Village KS US 2904

6 Morgan Bell Kansas City MO US 2501.5

7 Brooke Crosby Kansas City MO US 1827.5

8 Erin Izzo Overland Park KS US 1782.77

9 Shannon Lawson Liberty MO US 1328

10 Laura Weingarten Omaha NE US 1206.25

We added 17 new Stylists to Team Emerald City last month!!!

Welcome!!! I am so excited that so many of you shared your love of Stella and shared the opportunity! I started December 27th almost 4 years ago! I am sooooo thankful that I was given the opportunity! Whether you are a hobbyist with S&D or you want to make this a full time job, it is your decision! But, I really urge you to maximize your jumpstart period! I can promise you one thing...... when the new line comes out in January, you want to shop for FREE!!! Here's more on your jumpstart, http://sdu.stelladot.com/content/jumpstart-program

Are you on Emerald City fb page? If not, add yourself! We share ideas, pics and lots of motivation! https://www.facebook.com/groups/271940376257868/

The sky is limit this Holiday Season!

Need more shows, do a booking blitz! Want more stylists on your team, talk to more people! The more you put into your funnel, the better odds that you'll get fabulous results! EVERYONE leads busy lives! My motto is to do a little everyday! Plant those seeds, be joyful and always be ready to chat about Stella!

I'm always here to help anyone achieve what they want!! Reach out to me or your upline!


angie clifton

Associate Director