About Me

By: Alexis Rojas

Family Heritage

My name is Alexis Rojas, I have 1 brother that's 29 and 2 sisters. One of my sisters age is 15 and the oldest is 27. I live with my mother and father in one home with my brother and youngest sister. I don't have any animals, anymore. My parents are from Mexico, but I am from Texas. My oldest sister has two crazy kids one is 7 and the other one is 2.

My personal interests

Some of them are

- playing basketball

- watching spongebob

- running

- walking around/to the park

- sleeping

- playing volley ball

How you do like to learn?

I like to learn by taking notes. Because it helps me study and remember things when I need it. For example if we have a test the next week I can just look back at my notes.


In my smore presentation I wrote all the things I could think of that described me. I wish I could have written more but unfortunately we don't have all the time in the world. :)