Personal Information

How to keep it safe on the Internet

Social Media Privacy?

Even if your social media profiles are private, it's amazing how much you can discover about someone just starting with their name and area where they live. Some sites with a private option do allow strangers onto your profile, it's just harder to find. You should avoid putting overly personal details into your websites or accounts, as you're opening it up for potentially billions of people to see.


On your Facebook profile, you could've posted a selfie. You'd think it belongs to you, yet it doesn't. Any picture you post on Facebook belongs to Facebook. It is likely to belong to any social media sites you put it on. The owners of Facebook also have the right to see anything you put on your profile, even if it's private.
You can look many details up about a person; this video shows how easy it is to find out about someone.

Does this mean someone can stalk me?

If you post the absolute minimum amount of information about yourself onto the internet, it will be hard for someone to stalk you. If your friends post details about you that you want removed, tell them to remove it. You should have control over your personal details on the internet.
Also, don't use social media that is for ages above you, the age limit is there for a reason.

Stay safe!