The Archives War

President Houston Tries To Move Records From Austin

1842, September 30

Recently, Mexico Leaders have led raids into Texas, supposedly because of the Lamar administration. Rumors have spread that a Mexican general by the name of Rafael Vasquez has entered Texas and plans on attacking with some soldiers. It has been a few weeks since we have heard of this news and the rumors have been confirmed, General Vasquez has attacked multiple places such as San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. However the General has since made his way back to Mexico.

Panic in Austin

People in parts of these attacked areas have panicked as they had thought Mexican troops were invading. Thinking that General Vasquez would attack Austin, President Houston has asked that the government archives be withdrawn from the capital.Resident of Austin have opposed the move of the records, thinking that the capital would be moved to Houston.

Angelina Eberly's Resistance

A group of people who opposed the move of the records have been joined together by a woman named Angelina Eberly. They confronted the government agents attempting to move the records and fired upon them. There was a short fight in the streets that the locals are now referring to as the Archives War. eventually Angelina's fighters won the battle and the documents remained in Austin.

General Woll

This month, a Mexican general by the name of Adrian Woll invaded Texas with at least 1000 soldiers. They started to attack and capture San Antonio. After news of this had spread, hundreds of Texas militia and Texas Rangers started their way to San Antonio. They begun a fight between them and Woll's forces at Salado Creek, resulting in their victory. Sadly, the retreating forces of Woll brought captives with them. More news on the captives soon.