Sing Like No One Is Listening

By Anna Wood


The Spontaneuos Brain of Me...

My brain is right brain dominant which means that I have a very creative and bubbly personality and like to make spontaneous decisions. When you are left brain dominant, it means that you like to use logic and numbers to make decisions. To the left is a drawing of my brain. The colorful and spontaneous side is the right brain, and on the black and white side is left brain.

Oranger than an Orange!

My personality is and orange personality. This means I am fun loving, artisitc, witty, creative, spontaneous, multi-tasker, and many more traits. I will always need to have some freedom and I will always be competitive when it comes to games. But I'm not all orange. I also posses some traits from the other colors which are blue, gold, and green.

Green, Gold, and Blue, Which One Are You?

You're Future is Bright!

I intened to graduate with good grades and hopefully honors. I will continue to do choir in all four of my high schol years and hopefully get to chamber choir. I plan to do lots of extracuriccular activities and to do communtiy service in my area. I also plan to take the ACT as many times as I can before college and hope for scholarships. As a freshman, I will plan out all four of my years in highschool and become farmiliar with college entrance forms and exams. as a sophomore, I will consider new clubs and activities offered at my school and will take the PSAT while reveiwing different jobs. During my junior year, I will amke sure that all of my credits add up for graduation and continue to take the ACT as many times as possible. In my last and final year, as a senior, I will check my credits yet again and make sure I am legible for graduation. I will also take appropriate college exams and send in college application forms for my top five colleges.

What I Want to do in High School!

Where Am I Headed?

The University of Arkansas is where I want to go. I'm hoping for scolarships on music. I want to double major in Education and Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts Teachers Postsecondary. While I am at college, I will live with my parents becasue they are only a thirty minute drive from school. I will plunge into my studies with an open-mind. I want to enjoy myself as well so I will be doing choir at the U of A. My tuition will be anywhere around $6,418 per yearof admission.

What A Wild Child I'll Be!!!

Once finally graduating from college, I will begin to start my own buisness. It will be called Wild Child Fine Arts School. we will offer classes such as:

* Vocal Lessons,

* Instrument Lessons,

* Art Lessons,

* Dance Lessons,

* Theater Lessons,

* and much more!

Wild Child Fine Arts School

Instructor, Anna Wood

"Where we say you can NEVER be too Wild!!!"