Music Technology Project

Utilizing the MIDI Keyboard

Make sure each of the following criteria are met

1. Total of 5 tracks
  • 4 Loops of your choice
  • 1 track that shows your use of the midi keyboard

2. At least 1 minute long, less than 2 minutes long

3. Utilizing editing techniques such as:

  • Fade in fade out
  • Choosing similar sounds
  • Utilizing a form such as ABA or ABC etc.

4. Upload your song to the class google drive labeled as:

  • YourLastName_keyboard.mp3
  • Place it in the "MIDI Keyboard Project" folder

5. You have 35 minutes to complete your song

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After your Project is Completed

  1. Listen to all of your classmates projects as they are uploaded to the drive.
  2. Fill out the handout that is on a music stand in the classroom.
  3. Be sure to follow the instructions on the hand out.
  4. Fill out the "Reflection" side of the hand out as well.
  5. When you have finished wait patiently, work on other school work, or another GB project.
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You will be sharing your critiques THIS PERIOD please respect the time limit. EVERYONE needs to have a completed project.